• Best deep cleansing hair shampoo? Our top 5 pick

    Posted by Roman Khan

    Best deep cleansing hair shampoo? Our top 5 pick

    For decades shampooing of hair is a process associated with your regular full body cleansing ritual. One would at least shampoo to ensure their scalp is clean, fragrant and purportedly oozing lustre. However, this isn’t quite the case.

    Whilst in theory that is what a shampoo should do however in reality your regular choice of shampoo may in fact be contributing to the contaminants in your hair. Even following a thorough rinse down, the hair collects shampoo and conditioner residue which eventually weighs your hair down and what was once the perfect solution to giving your hair that much needed vitality, the same solution is doing nothing of the sort. This is where a Deep Cleansing Shampoo would come into play.


    What is a Deep Cleansing Shampoo?

    Similar to your regular shampoo but with a formula that contains deep cleansing properties. A shampoo that is not necessarily used on a daily basis (bar some) and one that strips your hair and scalp of stubborn impurities. As Menuka Rai Ghosh of Wella Professionals tells Vogue: 

    “You wash your face with a face wash every day but still use a mask or a scrub once a week because you know you need an extra push to get rid of dead cells and clean your pores which your regular cleanser won't do. The same concept applies to clarifying shampoos.”

    We often use a variety of products in our hair, be it for cleansing, styling, nourishment etc, and it is factually evident that most of these products contain some form of silicones which latch onto the hair. Unless treated, this build-up eventually increases creating a barrier which doesn’t allow your shampoo to give your hair that lustre it once did. This is why it is often the case where people wonder why their shampoo no longer works or their hair has become immune to its benefits. We often accuse the manufacturers of cheekily altering formulas however this is not necessarily the case.

    In order to eradicate this residue build-up and other contaminants, we need to introduce a deep cleansing shampoo into our regime. As mentioned previously, this shampoo is not intended for daily use with the exception of some formulas that the manufacturers shall direct accordingly. They are often used as and when required with no right and wrong prescription as to how often they should be used and are often introduced alongside other shampoos of choice in your hair care protocol, switching to deep cleansing when required.



    Deep Cleaning Tips

    - It is common practice to leave the product on for at least 2 minutes before rinsing.

    - One should work the product in thoroughly ensuring the base of your scalp is also lathered.

    - For longer hair, it is imperative you cover the tips also.

    - For those using hair styling products, maybe introduce a deep cleansing formula more often.

    - Using a deep cleansing shampoo daily (unless stated on the bottle) can misbalance your hair and scalp thus resulting in dry and damaged hair.

    - If you are unsure of how often you need to use a deep cleansing shampoo, a rule of thumb would be twice a month or a once every week if you use a lot of hair styling products. 

    - Whilst theory and knowledge is great, it serves no purpose if the right solution is not offered. This is why at Elegant Gents we have hand-picked 5 of the best deep cleansing formulas:


    Patricks SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo 250ml

    Key reason for recommendation: Independently reviewed by our customers as being a brilliant formula to break down the most stubborn hair styling products plus the introduction of Patricks Recovery Compound or PRC (combination of damage reduction and vital protective technologies exclusively engineered by Patricks) which is a perfect addition to a stripping formula.

    Patricks SH2 Deep Clean Shampoo
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    Recipe For Men Deep Clean Hair Shampoo 250ml

    Key reason for recommendation: Unlike most Deep Cleansing Hair Shampoos, this non-aggressive product contains moisturising properties and ingredients such as Betaine which infuse the hair with essential nutrients leaving it clean and invigorated. Whilst it breaks down impurities, it does not leave your hair vulnerable to dryness.

    Recipe For Men Deep Clean Shampoo

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    L:A Bruket Shampoo Lemongrass 250ml

    Key reason for recommendation: An organic formula enriched with lots of goodness such as Vitamin B, aloe vera, oat extract and more. Another deep cleansing formula that can be used regularly, attributed to its essential oils from lemongrass and rosemary. This product is also available in other organic variants

    L:A Bruket Shampoo Lemongrass

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    Blind Barber Lemongrass Tea Shampoo & Bodywash 350ml

    Key reason for recommendation: This product has versatile properties. It is often frowned upon when mentioning a one product-fits-all i.e. a shampoo/bodywash in one, however this amazing formula by Blind Barber is the perfect answer. Meticulously concocted with purpose in mind containing a custom spirit blend and aloe vera to deep cleanse the hair and body whilst the addition of juniper berry and hops extract help breakdown build-up and unwanted contaminants.

    Blind Barber Shampoo & Bodywash

    £22.00Buy Now




    La Roche-Posay Kerium DS Anti-Dandruff Intense Shampoo 125ml

    Key reason for recommendation: A very soothing formula and one that has been listed for those that have issues with dandruff. The Kerium DS by La Roche-Posay deeply cleanses and relieves the scalp from intense itching. With micro-exfoliating properties allowing a more targeted and even application. Administering the product is usually limited to no more than twice a week for the first 4 weeks.

    La Roche-Posay Kerium DS Shampoo

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  • Is it important to use hair conditioner?

    Posted by Roman Khan

    Is it important to use hair conditioner?

    There is great misconception surrounding the use of hair conditioner following a shampoo protocol. Some men feel conditioner will weigh the hair down whilst many others with shorter hair assume the lack of length does not benefit the conditioning process. Reality is, they are wrong! Conditioning should be a staple in your hair care regimen. It is inevitable, when you shampoo especially when using deep cleansing options that some goodness is stripped from the hair and scalp. Conditioner ensures your hair regains vitality, infusing it with nutrients and giving it a natural luster. Not only that but conditioner also stimulates the hair cuticle and adds body. Even the best of haircuts and styling products cannot conceal the reality of dry and damaged hair.

    Shunning the conditioning process leaves your hair vulnerable and prone to breakage as well as the unpleasant illusion of thinning. It is imperative one conditions their hair irrespective of how simple your hair care regime is however for those that use heated brushes and straighteners, it is criminal not to condition as it can leave your hair lifeless and impossible to rectify using even the best of styling products.

    One should aim to condition at least 3-4 times a week following shampoo however for those with dry or damaged hair, they should ensure they condition daily and try avoiding deep cleaning shampoo formulas. Conditioners as with any other product come in many varieties and tolerances thus it is important you choose the correct product for your hair. Furthermore, also note the status of your mane shall change overtime when following strict protocols to remedy damage. Therefore the conditioner you find suitable may change over time.

    Irrespective of the type, length and texture of your hair, there are many factors that leave it vulnerable and exposed to potential damaged. Some problems are in fact self-inflicted such as harsh styling products, colouring and hair shaping tools whilst others are attributed to environmental factors that remove vital nutrients leaving the hair dry and brittle. Conditioning rejuvenates the hair and protects it from further damage whilst leaving it feeling smooth and silky.

    To summarise the importance of conditioning:

    1. Hydration

    We often use products to moisturise our skin and likewise need to carry out similar practices with our hair. Conditioners have key hydrating properties that help seal the cuticle and increase weightless volume.

    2. Protection
    There are many factors that put your hair in harms way. As mentioned above some are self-inflicted such as the use of chemical rich hair products and heated styling tools. Likewise the introduction of a quality conditioner shall ensure the hair is always protected regardless of the type of blow dryer or hair straightening you find fit to use. Furthermore, premium formulas offered by Elegant Gents tends to have UV protection properties that protect the hair from environmental factors such as sun rays.

    3. Tangle Free
    Conditioner leaves the hair soft and silky smooth making the process of detangling effortless without damaging the cuticle. Brushing and styling becomes a more satisfying process.

    4. Enhance elasticity and luster
    Conditioning repairs dry and brittle hair whilst preventing further damage leaving the hair nourished and revitalised. This “new life” further strengthens the hair shaft which improves elasticity and gives it a natural luster and silky smooth texture making it much easier to work with.

    As a rule of thumb, one should always condition their hair after shampoo. Elegant Gents has a whole host of hair care products and an amazing range of premium hair conditioners by some of the most luxurious brands from around the world. Delve right in and give that head of hair a much-deserved nutritious treatment.



  • Charcoal Toothpaste, does it really work?

    Posted by Roman Khan

    Charcoal Toothpaste, does it really work?

    Charcoal or ash has been a staple dental cleansing product for centuries, predominantly in African and South Asian countries. The initial study of how such components come around to becoming popular dental essentials is unknown however in more recent times it has been attributed to poor economy and lack of money for people to purchase regular toothpaste (as it is known to masses).

    Even today, such ancient traditions are sworn by in these countries. We shall delve further and see why such historic methods have been adopted by one of the latest health & beauty trends marketed towards both men and women.

    A few years ago, during infancy, there were little studies conducted regarding carbon toothpaste. Questions of teeth whitening effectiveness without fluoride and the deep absorbent properties of carbon that would “water” down the effectiveness of other supporting agents were raised.

    Due to lack of analysis at the time and ambiguous findings, the best advice given to those keen on trying carbon toothpaste was to check the product contents.

    Boutique brands were quick to jump on the craze and introduced to the market toothpaste containing activated charcoal and other agents. Some even branded it as carbon toothpaste.

    The most concrete information we had during this time was that the activated charcoal did have some effect due to its mild abrasive properties and extrinsic stain absorption however no evidence was found at the time that intrinsic staining was effected in any way.

    The biggest frown on charcoal toothpaste has been lack of key essentials typical to any other toothpaste such as fluoride. Additionally, as a result to its natural black colour, there was evidence to suggest it enhanced the presence of cracks and crevices resulting in lack of aesthetic appeal.

    Charcoal toothpaste has been highly recommended for maintenance of teeth appearance following professional cleaning and polishing by dentists however emphasis has been placed on charcoal toothpaste not being a replacement to normal fluoride toothpaste. It is seen as a supporting product for upkeep.

    In more recent times, brands such as Colgate have joined the party also with their own formula. According to their study, charcoal was in fact present in toothpaste recipes in the 19th century however even large multinationals such as them have conceded that more research is required to confidently stand by claims of its safety and effectiveness.

    Is charcoal toothpaste just another BS craze? Well there are many people with first hand experience that swear by its effectiveness however there are some that simply treat it as novelty. The team at Elegant Gents have not come across any convincing horror stories thus far so hit us up with your experiences.

    There are clearly some benefits of charcoal toothpaste, however to what degree is debatable. Is it worth a try, we would say so.

    We are in the process of adding products to our dental section and amongst our selection of products, we are pleased to announce charcoal toothpaste and related charcoal products shall be available.

    Keep smiling!